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Hot Appetizers (Take Out)



Fresh soybeans boiled with salt



Steamed seafood Japanese dumplings



Pan-fried chicken and pork Japanese dumplings

Haru Maki


Vegetable spring rolls

Agedashi Tofu


Lightly fried Japanese tofu, bonito flakes with tempura sauce

Crab Rangoon


Lightly fried cream cheese crab meat dumplings

Koto House Dumpling


Steamed shrimp and pork dumplings, spicy garlic hot oil

Fried Oyster


Deep fried oyster with spicy mayo sauce

Tempura Shrimp


Deep fried mixed vegetables and shrimp

Crispy Calamari


Deep fried squid with sweet and spicy sauce

Rock Shrimp


Ligthly fried, breaded shrimp with spicy mayo aioli

Lollipop Chicken Wings


Trimmed, lollipop-shaped wings, flash fried and sauteed with Chef's special sauce

Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Sauteed chicken minced with hoisin sauce

Beef Negamaki


Raw Japanese beef roll, scallion with teriyaki sauce

Tempura Soft Shell Crab


With Chef's special sauce

BBQ Squid


Grilled whole squid with teriyaki sauce

Korean BBQ Short Ribs


Marinated beef short ribs Kabi style, served with kimchi